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Future Proofing Education

The buzz of a jigsaw or power-saw has now been replaced by the whirring of a drone. When once the assignment was to make a simple plane out of balsa wood, we now have students learning about robotics and rocketry. Simple measurements and plans have been enhanced with the knowledge of program coding. Such is the progress made in education, and in Term 1 Salesian College proudly unveiled the new STEAM building to cater for these ever changing technologies. Older alumni members may remember the building as a stable or the junior woodwork room (pictured bottom right), the ‘Drill Hall’ is now ‘The STEAM Centre’ and sits proudly in place after a multi-million dollar refurbishment which offers technologies and capabilities that seek to ‘future proof’ education. It is a fantastic asset and Salesian College Sunbury continues to invest heavily in infrastructure making it one of the premier education facilities in the region. We encourage Alumni members to book a tour of the property and take a first hand look at the developments taking place at Salesian College Sunbury.