Vertical House Structure

Salesian College Sunbury considers Pastoral Care fundamental to every aspect of our interactions with students. It forms part of a holistic approach to the students in that we aim to model the work of St John Bosco in letting them know they are loved and respected, and in turn, students emerge to take their place in society in a socially responsible manner.

To this end Salesian College Sunbury aims to:

  • Increase students’ social repertoire by broadening the range of social contact they are exposed to.
  • Foster connectedness to the whole school community.
  • Provide proactive measures to improve mental health and resilience.
  • Increase students’ sense of responsibility for others in the school community.

A multi-age Home Group will provide an alternative peer group enabling:

  • Opportunities to mix and be exposed to other intellectual, physical, social and emotional levels.
  • Help to minimise the impact of mid-adolescence, where students developmentally are more likely to have issues with regard to self-esteem, anti-social and high-risk behaviours.
  • Provide extra support and connectedness.
  • Expose students to caring and positive relationships rather than their usual tendency to congregate with some peers who may share similar negative issues.

Whole school involvement:

  • Eight Houses to which Home Groups will belong with eight House Coordinators.
  • Eight Houses will provide a more intimate sense of community.
  • This will heighten belonging and group loyalty.
  • Will provide many opportunities for students to shine regardless of their talents.
  • Provide a safe and friendly atmosphere of inter-house rivalry.

The school has eight Houses. Each House has five Home Groups with approximately 28 students from Years 7 to 12. Each Home Group has a permanent teacher with them. This person is known as the “Home Group Leader”. This person is the direct link to home. The Home Group Leader will stay with his/her group of students whilst both are at Salesian.

Home Groups meet with their Leader every morning in their homeroom and meet Period 1 on a Friday for a Pastoral Care Session.

The provision of a Home Group Leader as a constant mentor and advocate throughout students’ time at Salesian College will mean:
He or she will model positive personal and social relationships.
Foster empathy between students and their peers.
Ensure that every student will have someone that knows him or her well and to whom they can turn in times of duress.
Provide a sense of continuity and stability for students.