Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the cornerstone of Catholic Education and is fundamental to the message of Saint John Bosco and the Salesian Mission. Pastoral Care includes all elements of life at school that concern the overall wellbeing and development of each student. Salesian College offers a vibrant pastoral system which provides students with care of the soul, body, mind and heart and helps them to build healthy and lasting relationships with others.

Haiti AppealAt Salesian College we hope that students feel a sense of belonging, connection and ownership; a place where they care and respect each other, are accepted for who they are and likewise accept those around them.

Pastoral Care means guiding students by providing genuine opportunities to learn and grow as they strive to be the best people they can be.

Effective Pastoral Care is also an educational process that includes students understanding and upholding the fundamental rights of each member of the College Community as well as respecting and living out their responsibilities to each other.

Students in House Colours during our House Swimming CarnivalSalesian College is a large and diverse community and each person within it has the right to be accepted and treated with dignity, respect and courtesy in an environment that aims to live out gospel values. This means that each person has the responsibility to show respect and consideration to others.

Salesian College is a place of learning and therefore, each person has the right to learn and develop their interests, abilities and ambitions in a secure, supportive environment. As such, each person has the responsibility to be prepared for school each day, work co-operatively with others and be accountable for their efforts.

Students in a Group Hug at the Year 8 RetreatAs a member of the college community, each person has the right to feel safe and the right to equal opportunity and with these goes the responsibility to act in a safe and sensible manner, respectful and just to others at all times.