VCAL Dinner

This week many of our College community, including families and staff, were treated to an ‘American Diner’ themed evening thanks to the Senior VCAL group. This event formed our Senior class’ Semester 2 Personal Development Skills project.  Students were responsible for the planning and organization of every aspect of the evening; from advertising to food preparation. 

Most of our Year 12 students have never hosted such a large event before, and should be congratulated for the fantastic food they served to our guests. The students worked wonderfully as a team and after a few initial hiccups, all aspects of the evening ran very smoothly. On behalf of the Year 12’s thank you to our guests for coming along, enjoying the Rock n Roll music quiz, and for the touching feedback we have received. Our Year 12’s really enjoyed presenting on the night and sharing their VCAL experiences with you.

Congratulations Year 12’s and Mr Ogilvie for hosting a fantastic evening!

Jillian Davis
Applied Learning Leade

The VCAL evening was amazing! Great food (catered for the vegetarian very well!); brilliant idea to have the milk shake area.

The table setting set scene very well. What was most wonderful to see what how the students have really enjoyed their opportunity in VCAL and are proud of their achievements- as they should be.  The College values all pathways on offer at he College,  and this years cohort have displayed that they also value it. The role modelling these students have provided to younger students will be a lasting legacy. 
Elaine Dugdale-Walker. 


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