Last week the Year 9 Italian students participated in an engaging and entertaining workshop based on La commedia dell’arte. Rosa Campagnaro, led the workshop as she explained the history of the main characters as well as asking the students to become the characters. Below are a few comments from students.

In the commedia dell’Arte workshop, we were able to understand what commedia dell’Arte is and what the different components are which make it so unique. It was explained to us who the Characters are in Commedia, their traits and personalities, how these characters contribute individually to the style of the performance, and where these Characters are placed in modern day society as well as in Italy in the 16th century where it all began. We were able to practice gestures and over exaggerate our performances to fit the style of Commedia dell’Arte and to fit the personality of a certain character. During the workshop, we practiced using and wearing Commedia masks which are used to depict the character’s personalities.
Claudia Reddan.

On the 7th of September I participated in a Commedia dell'arte workshop where we learnt a lot about the history of comedy and arts in Italy from where character names came from, where trends for the arts era was and where the hotspots of arts were which was surprisingly Venice. We also learnt about the history of the costumes and the designs of the masks and had a little play around acting with them and using the different costumes and masks to become the character. Overall, it was an amazing experience to be a part of, to get a better understanding of the Italian culture, learn a few new phrases and words for my vocabulary and of course had a lot of fun with my friends.  
Tiannah Brne


On 11 September, the Year 10 Italian class collaborated with the Year 11 Text and Traditions class and visited the National Gallery of Victoria. Here they learnt about the Italian Renaissance and Religion through art. They also participated in an art workshop where they created their own masterpiece. Read below for some student feedback on the day.

On Monday, the Year 10 Italian and Year 11 Texts and Traditions classes had a wonderful excursion to the National Gallery to view some of their collection of Renaissance art. The gallery was very welcoming, and we had a guided tour around the collection and viewed some remarkable pieces from artists such as Rafaello, Mattia Preti, Bernardo Cavallino, Titian and Paulo Veronese. We then attended a workshop in which we painted black and white copies on plaster of some of the gallery's most famous Renaissance artworks, using traditional techniques favored by the artists of the time. It was a wonderful day out, and a great opportunity to experience Italian Renaissance art and culture.
Edith Spiers