Congratulations to our successful Year 12 ACU Early Achiever’s Program applicants. These students have demonstrated community service & leadership and now have a provisional offer for their preferred course. This week’s Career News focuses on Tips for First Jobs, Tax File Numbers, Veterinary & Agriculture Student Experiences, Career Events in Law, Education & Creative areas & important Year 12 News.

Tips for young people’s first or current job: we know that the world of work is rapidly changing and that young people can expect to have on average 10 employers across 5 industries in the future. We also know that every occupation will change and many will disappear in the near future. So, it’s important that you gain work skills that can be easily transferred between jobs. The team at Careers with STEM asked the questions:

  • How will the experience of your first job prepare you for your next job?
  • How do you make the most of your first or current job to prepare you for the future?

See answers and suggested industries to work in (eg. pharmacy assistant), go to


Tax File Numbers: all young people need a TFN if employed & when accepting an offer at a University or TAFE in January 2018. Applying for a Tax File Number (TFN) is now online and then having identity verified at an Australia Post Office. To apply go to   


Law and Justice Open Day, Victoria University 17 September,

  • Tour the City Queen campus
  • Watch a live moot court in action
  • Learn about admissions, scholarships and pathways.
  • Learn about industry connections and programs
  • Speak directly to course officers.


Monash Careers and Creativity Day, 16 September,

Follow students’ experiences in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Food Science, University of Melbourne student stories: The recently launched “Discover” features stories from current students


Year 12 News

Australian Catholic University: Applications for the following early entry programs close 15 September.


VCE Revision lectures held at VU are very worthwhile and fill up fast, bookings are now open, click here


Yr 12 VTAC Applications Checklist 

  • Register on VTAC
  • Apply for courses in preference order by 28 September (these can be changed and re-ordered anytime until 5pm, 12 December) **Early closing dates for performance, art/design and medicine courses**
  • ALL STUDENTS Apply for SEAS Category 1 and any other relevant categories by 5pm, 10 October (SEAS Cat 1 uses student’s registered personal details, such as school name & address, to give access to courses)
  • NB. Especially if applying to RMIT, Uni of Melbourne, ACU, ensure SEAS Category 1 is ticked ‘Yes’ to activate our partner schemes:
  • RMIT: SNAP up to +20 ATAR points
  • ACU: +5
  • UMelbourne: lower ATAR requirement
  • If applying to Victoria University: VU Early Entry Offer program is an easy online application where students tick ‘Yes’ to attending an ‘Eligible School in the West’
  • Early Entry applications for Creative/Performing Arts/Design, selection tasks deadlines start 31 August
  • ASPIRE Early Achievers’ applications to La Trobe University close 30 August,
  • APPLY for Scholarships on VTAC and on University websites 
  • Pay $35 to validate application by 28 September