LUSH Competition

On Thursday 17 August I had the pleasure of accompanying Tara Andreula, Charles Aguis, Thomas Hall and Hannah Smajila to visit the “LUSH” organisation in Sydney. The visit to the company was the prize awarded for presenting the best social campaign in the Year 8 Project Based Learning venture, centred on persuasive writing. Not only did the Year 8 students present in front of the whole Year 8 cohort, they were able to present to the “LUSH” think tank.

The day started with a 6.30 start, we flew to Sydney where we were met by the wonderful Sabrina, who introduced us to the amazing socially aware atmosphere at the “LUSH” organisation. We went directly to the production factory, where we were amazed to discover the products really are completely ‘handmade’, the production line consists of smiling people, who clearly love producing the products. Shannon and the staff were so welcoming and the students got to be involved in the process of making products.  We then made our way to the head office where the students listened to presentations and then presented their own ideas. The staff were amazed at the ideas these thoughtful young people had come up with and were very forthcoming with ideas about the campaign. The students were amazing, confidently presenting their ideas and happily answering the questions the staff were asking. I was in total awe of these fourteen year olds who appeared completely comfortable in this adult arena.

We then continued onto the flagship course at the Queen Victoria Building, where the students were able to consider how the retail side and the socially aware campaigns of the business successfully merge. Once again the staff were very welcoming and happy to answer any questions. We then made our way back to the Sydney airport, where we were able to reflect on our amazing day. We cannot praise the “LUSH” staff enough for their willingness to become involved a school based project. The learning the students did on Thursday was invaluable. Thank you Peta Grainger (Director at LUSH Australasia), Sabrina, Shannon and all the “LUSH” staff who were so keen to make us welcome.  

Janene Christenson 



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