Our international program as well as the Language Curriculum aims to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable our students to communicate and understand the relationship between language, culture and learning.

In June we welcomed four students from our sister school in Verona and one from Trento. During their 6 week stay they have participated in various subjects such as biology, history English and chemistry.

In July 8 Japanese students arrived from our 2 sister schools Salesio Gakuin and Meguroseibi Girls College. They will be here for 3 weeks participating in subjects with their host brother/sister. Fr Daniel, Principal of Salesio Gakuin and Mr Konishi, Vice Principal from Meguroseibi accompanied the students.

An amazing experience for the students. We look forward to sending 10 students on exchange to Italy and Japan at the end of the year.


Learning a Language is not just about the grammar but being immersed in the culture of the target language and understanding cultural norms and customs of the country.

This is what a few students had to say about the immersion program;

Currently at Salesian College Sunbury, we are lucky enough to have exchange students from Tokyo which is why we arranged to go on an excursion. Yesterday on 9 August, we took the bus into the city where we went to the fabulous National Gallery of Victoria. We saw the Hokusai exhibitions which consisted of breathtaking and very intricate pieces. All of us including the exchange students loved looking at the artwork. We did a quiz in which we had to find the answers to questions about Hokusai in our target language. We worked collaboratively to translate the questions so that we could both understand.

After this, we were able to find a place to eat with our exchange students, with many choosing to eat a delicious meal at Grill'd. Following this, we had the chance to take our students sightseeing around Melbourne. Some destinations included Federation Square, Alexandra Gardens, Southbank, laneways and a souvenir shop. We stopped to take many photos, trying to provide the exchange students with a wonderful impression of Australia.
All in all, it was a fabulous learning experience and a magical day.
Remi Olalekan – Salesian College Sunbury Student


We went on an excursion to Victoria National Gallery. We saw “Ukiyo-e” painted by Katsusika Hokusai. He is a very famous artist in Japan. There were 176 works. We were impressed that foreign people came especially to see the Japanese exhibition. But we noticed that we hadn’t known very much about Hokusai. We hope we know about him more. The city of Melbourne has fewer people than Tokyo. Tokyo has tall buildings everywhere, but in Melbourne buildings are in the city and suburbs have a lot of nature. After we watched exhibition, we went to walk around the city to eat lunch. It was delicious. Then we saw the wall art. Every painting looks cool. Those paintings can’t be seen in Japan, so it was a good experience for us. It was a nice day!
Meguro Seibi Gakuen  Aoi Kondo, Arisa Suzuki, Yuna Hayasaki – Japanese Exchange Students


Year 10-12 Italian students participated in the Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition on Monday 26th June. Edith Spiers year 10 made it in to the top 50. Congratulations to the following students who also received great results. They will receive their certificate at the end of this term.

  • Bonita Headberry
  • Abigail Hine
  • Charlotte McKenzie
  • Vincenzo Scarfo
  • Julienne Simpson
  • Mia Bergamasco
  • Chloe Dredge
  • Shannon Horton
  • Max Irwin
  • Tamlyn MacDonald
  • Grace Newman
  • Georgia Younan
  • Alyssa Libao

YEAR 8 Languages Workshops
This year for our year 8 language workshops, the Italian students watched a comical play based on La commedia dell’ arte whilst the Japanese students were mesmerised by a wonderful performance and interaction activity with the Taiko Drums.

Below are a few student comments:

Carnevale Performance Reflection
Two Weeks ago, the year eight Italian classes were treated to a fun performance involving many traditional Carnevale characters that followed an entertaining modernised storyline.

The performance was an enriching experience as it brought us closer to the Italian characters and culture, it was also visually entertaining and gave us a different learning opportunity complementing the regular classroom material. The show used the Italian and English language in a way that it was easy and fun to interpret and follow the story with the skills and vocabulary that we gained in class. The Students were delighted to have the opportunity and look forward to the next one!
Emily Bojczuk

Last week the year 8 Italian students watched a performance to help us understand more about Italian and why it is important to have a second language. It was played by two actors who each had many characters to play. Even though there was only two people they were able to present a very entertaining play. In conclusion, it was very funny and entertaining to watch!
Michaela Sloot and Hannah Uren


The year 9 and 10 Italian students participated in a dance workshop. They learnt the traditional dance la Quadriglia .An engaging and informative workshop.