Bosco Campus News

Year 12 Graduation Mass
All Year 12 family members and friends of the Class of 2017 are invited to the Graduation Mass which will be held in Lakeside Stadium on Tuesday 24 October at 6.30pm (Mass begins at 7pm) followed by a celebration cake. For more information around the Mass and Graduation Dinner, please click here.

Year 12 VCE Practice Exams
In order to help with your future planning, please note that we will again be hosting Year 12 Practice Exams in the second week of the September holidays (Monday 2 – Friday 6 October). This is a crucial preparation time for our Year 12 VCE students, and they should use these exams to measure what they need to work on before the real deal in October and November. Timetables will be available for students in the coming weeks.

Uniform, attendance and attitude
As the term draws closer to the end, many of our Year 12 students may be running out of the proverbial steam. Could we please keep encouraging your children to remain focussed, and to use their time and energy wisely. Their outcomes and sacs are slowly diminishing but this is the opportunity to conduct as many practice exams and to complete their note taking. Evidence has shown that the students that perform best are students that practice the skill of exams in exam conditions most often.


Sam Scollo
Bosco Campus Director