Mazzarello Campus News

Challenge: Global Perspective Showcase Wednesday 16 August
Mazzarello Campus students have been working on their Global Perspectives Projects. The program focuses around ideals, of offering students with a range of opportunities aimed to foster a sense of place and value in the world as a Global Community. The project is driven by the ideas as presented in “Global Perspectives: A framework for global education in Australian schools” by Education Services Australia. It is hoped that the program will promote open-mindedness, leading to new thinking about the world. Furthermore the program will aim to have students learning to take responsibility for their actions, respect and value diversity and see themselves as global citizens who can contribute to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.


Groups of students have actively engaged in developing ideas and learnings in regards to their Projects. Some of the learning that have been occurring are:

“We have chosen Child Obesity as our topic. To lessen the severity of this growing problem, we are targeting children from the ages of 7-11 as our audience. Our goal is to inform children of the health risks that obesity can cause. We hope to raise awareness of child obesity and improve this problem.”

“For our Global Issues project we are focusing on 'domestic violence', with our key learning area being 'social justice and human rights'. We would present terms like 'we will love the members of our family' and 'we will love not hurt'.”

“Our aim is to help people feel more comfortable about talking to others. We will do this by doing some mindfulness breathing exercises to relax, have a 'circle talk' where we could do small activities that make each person talk a little bit. Hopefully if we do this more than once, each time they will open up more and become much more comfortable.”

“I want to present my project on bullying because I feel like everyone needs to understand how serious bullying is. I want the people to really stop and think about if what they are doing is right or wrong and how they could help. I love standing up for what I think is right and I think bullying is not at all appropriate. I think if we all work together we can make a big difference.”

Many groups will be asking participants to actively engage in awareness raising activities.

Brendon Fogarty
Director Mazzarello Campus