Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning

2018 Subject Selection
We are now in the process of constructing the timetable and allocating students’ elective subjects for 2018. Should any student not receive a subject that they have selected as an elective choice, they will be contacted via email confirming that they remain happy with their reserve selection. This is a slow and intricate process; students will be contacted as soon as possible if there are any difficulties. All students will have their allocations and 2018 timetables in Term 4, well before the Step-Up program commences.

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews
A reminder that interviews are taking place in the Stadium this week. Each interview is allocated five minutes – this is to enable as many interview slots as possible. If issues are raised within the interview that require longer than five minutes to discuss, we ask that you make a further appointment to continue the conversation at another time. It is really important that we stick to the scheduled times to facilitate a smooth running of the evening.

Daniel Buttacavoli & Jodie FitzGerald
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning