Deputy Principal - Students

The Child Safety Committee at the College would like to thank the parents who responded to the Parent Survey.  Your feedback and suggestions help the College improve safety for your child/ren.

Students were also asked to fill in a survey, which they did last Friday. All students were encouraged to participate in the survey, and we had just under 1000 students participate.  Students are to be congratulated on the seriousness in which they attempted and answered the questions.  The suggestions they put forward were creative and many of them doable.

More information will be sent out to parents and students once new policies have been given the go ahead by the College Council.  Look out for the next newsletter where a few more initiatives.

2018 Student Leadership
Opportunities for Student Leadership for current Year 10 & 11 students was launched last week.  All students heard a presentation on Leadership at Salesian and were all sent a comprehensive Leadership Handbook.  This Handbook outlines the varied opportunities for our College Leaders, the expectations for each position and the application process/timeline.   All applications for 2018 Leadership positions for the current Year 10 & 11 students close on 11 August.  Students can see Ms. Harley or Ms. Dugdale-Walker if they wish to clarification of anything.

Below is the Leadership Structure for Bosco Students. 

Elaine Dugdale-Walker
Deputy Principal - Students