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If you graduated from Salesian College Sunbury, you are a part of the College's alumni community. By joining thousands of alumni, you'll continue to be enriched with knowledge and contacts.

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Alumni magazine

Salesian College Rupertswood commenced its Rupertswood Old Boys' Association (ROBA)  in 1971/2 and published the alumni newsletter 'Radius'. Its name changed to the Salesian Past Pupils' Association until 2003.

'Radius' was a magazine dedicated to informing alumni of what was happening at the College and re-connecting them with the College and each other, and was produced by former students.



In the 1990s the Parents and Friends Association assisted in running events and invited alumni to attend special open days and events.

In 2013, Salesian College relaunched an Alumini free magazine. This will be continue in 2017 to ensure everyone continues to stay connected.

The College has undergone significant changes and we want past and present students to be apart of that journey. No matter when you graduated from Salesian College Sunbury we would love to hear your news.