Director of Faith & Religious Studies

Welcome back to Term 3 for all members of our College community. Recently I attended an intensive course regarding Catholic Identity. We were challenged as educators to think about the “mission” statements that permeate our school communities and the significance of these especially in the context of religious order based schools. It served as a timely reminder to me to reflect on the Charter for Salesian Schools in Australia, which animates all of our undertakings. 

Charter for Salesian Schools in Australia Preamble: In keeping with the spirit of Saint John Bosco, whereby “education is largely a matterof the heart” that leads young people to “know that they are loved”, the Salesian school community of today is challenged to be:

  • A home that welcomes
  • A parish that evangelises
  • A school that prepares for life
  • A playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves. 

A home that welcomes by:

  • Being committed to the care and support of all young people, especially the poor and marginalised
  • ?Cultivating relationships based on genuine affection, openness and acceptance of others
  • Fostering a spirit of joy and hope, based on the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ
  • Encouraging an attitude of optimism and a conviction that life is fundamentally worthwhile

A parish that evangelises by:

  • Having a strong and vibrant programme of religious education, liturgical celebration and sacramental encounter
  • Addressing the spiritual yearnings of young people and adults
  • Giving priority to the faith development and formation of staff
  • Providing students with significant experiences of faith in action and apostolic involvement 

A school that prepares for life by:

  • Encouraging a passion for life­long learning and a quest for excellence
  • Developing a sense of meaning and purpose, which expresses itself in a spirit of service and self­giving      
  • Proclaiming the challenge of community building, commitment to others and responsible decision­making
  • Cultivating resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability as important skills for life. 

A playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves by:

  • Being present to each other in an active, engaging and constructive manner, infidelity to the Salesian 
    Preventive System
  • Building positive and inclusive relationships between each other
  • Having a rich experience of interaction and sharing, especially between students and staff
  • Creating occasions for celebration and festivity. 

Faithful to the tradition of Saint John Bosco, the Salesian school community is constantly challenged to 
re­interpret and re­enliven his educational vision in every generation and                   circumstance. According to the requirements of the contemporary situation and the needs of             young people, to whom he once said: “I have only one wish: that you be happy in this world 
and the next.” 

There is no doubt that we are called by St John Bosco to continue to live out his legacy in all that we do. The Charter is a “living and breathing document” that must be constantly in the forefront of our minds in all our educative endeavours at the college.

Stephen Connelly
Director of Faith and Religious Studies