Mazzarello Campus News

Community Morning / Working Bee: August 5
A priority of the Mazzarello Campus has been to improve the surrounds and environment of the work spaces for the students. On Saturday August 5 (9am-11am) staff, students and family members are invited to continue this process. The morning will see the community gathering around the Mazzarello Campus. Activities for the morning will include the installation and planting out of garden beds around the alfresco areas of the Campus and general clean up of the areas. The animals of the farm will be on show for all to get a close insight to the workings of the College Stud animal programs.

A morning tea will be provided for all to share and reflect upon the morning’s activity. To register an interest please contact the Campus office on 97440000 or email


First XI Cattle Scholarship – Beef Victoria Cattle Handlers Camp – Jaime Vosper

Monday July 10 saw a minimum temperature of 7 degrees. The three heifers Zoe, Apple and Savvy arrived just as excited as we were for the next few days. We touched base with our group leaders and took the long walk down to our bedrooms for our stay, insulation free stables, how fun!

We carried down our heavy bags and awkward shaped swags and found our lockers. Over the time of the camp we learnt a lot, from washing etiquette to what to look for in the conformation of show cattle. We also watched a very informative clipping demonstration, which gave us all a look at the different processes that take place in the showing industry. It gave us an idea of what was expected in the
show ring.

Our first class was cattle judging which was on the Wednesday. All three of “our lovely ladies” the heifers were to be judged on their structure, presentation and how they were conformed. At the end of the day, we came home with two ribbons. A first and a fourth. All of them paraded, looking magnificent. Thursday our coldest and final day was our turn to be judged. We jumped in the ring feeling confident in how we were all presented. We came out with two seconds and a first, which left a smile on everyone's faces.

This year’s camp gave us all an experience we will remember for many years to come and found us some friends that we would never have made without this amazing opportunity. To anyone who is interested slightly in agriculture this friendly and amazing camp is the best way for people to go, to have a great time and to learn about the agricultural industry. 





Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo – Michelle Grover

On the last weekend of the holidays, the sheep show team went to the Australian Sheep and Wool

 Show in Bendigo to show our Rupertswood Corriedales. Day one we showed our sheep against other schools across Australia who also breed Corriedales. We won quite a few ribbons, including a first for my ewe, Pippa, and both a first and second place for the group of one ram and one ewe. Most importantly our ram Patrick, won Interbreed Champion, the award for best sheep out of all of the schools competing! 

Saturday, we were up against all the breeders and studs from across the country, even the judges from the previous day! We still did quite well, with Pippa, as well as Felix, my ram, coming second in their age groups, and our ewe, Bella, came first for the class 'ewe with prodigy at foot'. 

On the Sunday, we all competed in the junior judging, where we held our sheep as if they were being judged and students would come and place them first, second, third and fourth, as a judge would. Another judge marks students on their skills, and the top students are chosen to make a speech about why they placed the sheep the way they did. Trent came 8th out of the seniors. In the afternoon, we brought our top sheep to compete in the interbreed competition against any school with any breed. We were very lucky, our group of a ram, ewe and her lambs came third overall, and Patrick came 1st out of all the schools with all the different breeds!

Overall, we had a super successful weekend and we all had loads of fun, even though it was cold! I hope that we can do just as well, if not better next weekend at the Ballarat Show! 


Legacy Public Speaking Competition - Alex Cairney

Thursday July 20, four students Michele Grover, Helena Broders, Sian D'Monte and myself went to Melbourne city along with Miss Crilly to take part in a Legacy Public Speaking Competition.

We had to have a four to five-minute speech prepared on the topic of our choice. It must tie in with the values of legacy; voluntary service, social justice, caring, personal effort, personal sacrifice and/or mate ship. Later in the day, we had to perform an impromptu speech in which we had only five minutes to prepare.

We were joined by three other schools around the area and the day was a big success. Each student performed exceptionally well and the feedback we received about our speeches will be very helpful for the future. Overall, it was an extremely rewarding experience.


Tree Planting Day
Wednesday July 19, members of the Bunjil and Mackillop classes travelled to Sunbury Water Treatment facility to take part in a Tree Planting Project. The project ran by Western Water has been working with Salesian College over the last ten years, with students and other community members re-vegetating the areas around Jacksons Creek. 


The project attempts to revegetate the areas around Jacksons Creek with native plants, including trees, shrubs and grasses. The students were able to discover why the project is so vital for the waterways around the area and how this has a greater impact on the quality of water throughout the district and greater environs. After planting over 200 trees, in very trying conditions, all particiapnts were very appreciative of the BBQ lunch and hot drinks catered for by the Sunbury Lion’s Club members.




Brendon Fogarty
Mazzarello Campus Director