Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning

Term 3 is the time when we start planning for the next school year. This may seem early, and it definitely seems early to our students who have to select subjects six months in advance. However, for a school of this size it takes a long time to set up subjects so that every student has the best chance of receiving their selections. This is our priority to ensure our students have the best chance to receive the subjects and electives that they have chosen. Once this is done we look at staffing, and the combination of the two takes quite a long time.

It is crucial at this time of year that our students check their college e-mail accounts, listen to the information provided at their year level briefings and visit the careers office if they are unsure of future pathways. We have a wonderfully supportive subject selection team, which comprises of your child’s Homeroom Leaders, Subject Teachers, Learning Area Leaders, Campus Assistants, Campus Directors, our Careers Team, VCAL/VET/Pathways Leader and both of us. If you have questions or concerns at this time, as always please first contact your child’s Homeroom Leader. They will be able to answer your query or point you in the right direction.

At the Savio level, our students will be asked to submit their elective preferences for 2018. Our current Year 9 and 10 students need to start thinking about their future pathway and making decisions about the subjects they will study.

If they plan to go to University straight from school, they should speak to our careers teachers about any prerequisite subjects they may need to study. Our current Year 9 and 10 students will receive a planning document and showbag at our Subject Selection Evening. For our Year 11 students, if they are happy with their current pathway, they need to decide which subject to drop in Year 12 or continue to work hard in VCAL so that they can continue their studies. If your child is in Year 11 and is starting to re-think their current choices it might be best to attend our Subject Selection Evening and pay a visit to the careers office.

Subject Selection Deadlines

Friday 21 July – Tuesday 25 July - Year level information assemblies

Tuesday 25 July - Bosco Subject Selection Information Evening

Wednesday 26 July – Wednesday 9 August -  Individual Interviews regarding future pathway and subject
                                                                             selection.  Students will be notified of their time and who to see via                                                                                their College e-mail account.

Wednesday 26 July – Wednesday 9 August  - Interviews with families and students wishing to complete VCAL                                                                                      (including Year 10 Pathway Program)

Friday 4 August - All 2017 Year 12 subjects entered by students and forms signed and submitted.

Wednesday 8 August - All 2017 Year 11 subjects entered by students and forms signed and submitted.

Wednesday 10 August - All 2017 Year 10 subjects entered by students and forms signed and submitted.



Key Staff

Daniel Buttacavoli and Jodie FitzGerald Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching
Oversees the process and develops subject grids.

Sam Scollo, Director – Bosco Campus
Oversees the VCE program and selections made by current Year 11 students, who will have subjects signed off by homeroom teachers. Approves those wishing to complete accelerated studies based on their current results.

Poppy Ibrahim and Danielle Supernak, Careers Teachers
Interviews current Year 10 students and provides pathway and career advice to students who visit the careers office.

Jillian Davis, Applied Learning Leader
Oversees our VCAL and VET programs. Interviews all students continuing in VCAL and families of those wishing to transfer into our VCAL program.

Brendon Fogarty, Director – Mazzarello Campus
Interviews current Year 9 students and provides support to year 9 staff throughout the mentoring process. Recommends students for accelerated studies or particular pathways.

Accerlerated Studies 2017
We do encourage acceleration, particularly if your child has gained a high level of academic achievement to date. If students wish to complete a subject offered in the following year (eg. a Year 11 student completing a Year 12 subject) they need to collect a form from Denise Carabott, our Bosco Campus Assistant.

After completion, they submit the form back to our Bosco office and enter the subject with their other selections online. If your child feels, they can cope with an accelerated subject the benefit is that they get to experience the standard and level of effort required at the next year level. If they complete a Year 12 subject it can also help to increase their ATAR (the final score they receive from the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre).


Salesian Sports Academy – Year 10 2018
In 2018 we are excited to launch a new senior pathway, our Salesian Sports Academy. The Sports Academy is a three-year ‘sports themed’ learning program which will lead to the completion of a Senior VCAL alongside the following qualifications:

  • Cert III Sport Coaching
  • Cert II Sport Career Oriented Participation
  • Cert II Business

The Sports Academy program offers a point of difference to the current VET Sport and Recreation course, with a greater emphasis on sport skills. The learning program provides a particular, ongoing, focus on AFL and netball and provides students with a wider range of employable skills upon completion. It will involve significant community involvement and structured work place learning in sports coaching, particularly in the final year of the program.

To qualify for the Academy, students must have a history of participation in sport and an interest in pursuing a sport-related career. Academy students will be expected to be active participants in the sporting activities of the College, including:

  • Participating and assisting in SACCS competitions
  • Assisting in sporting carnivals and house competitions
  • Running extra-curricular lunch time activities
  • In Years 11 and 12, coaching at least one sporting team throughout the year.

Participation in the Academy is based on students committing to the full three-year program, ultimately leading to the completion of a Sports themed Senior VCAL program. Students wishing to pursue a VCE pathway in Year 11 will not have the option to continue completing the Sports Academy program.

In Year 10, these students will complete English, Maths, RE, Health & Recreation and Life skills, they will also complete a year of Physical Education and the first year of the VET Certificate III in Sport Coaching. They also have the opportunity to complete two further Year 10 electives of their choice.

Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews
Term 3 student/parent/teacher interviews are only a few weeks away, and they are an important opportunity to discuss your child's learning progress. For families of Year 12 students, this is a chance to get insights how to manage the busiest time of year for senior students as well as how best to prepare for the upcoming exams. For students studying semester-length subjects, this is an opportunity to meet new teachers. Bookings will open in early August.

A reminder that interviews will take place during the following times:

Wednesday 23 August, 4pm – 9pm

Thursday 24 August, 2pm – 6pm

Daniel Buttacavoli and Jodie FitzGerald
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching