Deputy Principal - Students

Restorative Justice @ Salesian

a key part of our justice policy is to repair relationships with those whom we hurt - When you do wrong, you need to restore the relationship.  Salesian College is a restorative school.


The Justice Policy at the College has comprehensive Student Management Guidelines- these can be accessed here.

A major approach to Student Management at Salesian College Sunbury is a Restorative Justice. The key premise of Restorative Justice  is that punishment on its own generally doesn’t teach anything about self-discipline, nor does it necessarily lead to more effective ways of solving problems or behaviour modification. The Restorative Approach of Restorative Justice is that

  •  Brings together key people
  •  Follows a structured process
  •  Opportunity to be heard and listened to
  •  Avoids blame, accusation and judging
  •  Focuses on the effect of the behaviour
  •  Restores the damaged relationships
  •  Brings about learning.

Restorative Justice is not seen as an easy option for misbehaviour, it is often more difficult to sit and have a conversation with someone that just accept a punitive consequence.

Below is a sample conversation that may take place between two students and a teacher acting as the mediator:


To the person who has done the harm:

  • What happened?
  • Who else was there when it happened?
  • What were you thinking at the time?
  • Who has been affected / upset / harmed by your actions?
  • How do you think they have been affected?

To the person who has been affected:

  • What was your reaction at the time of the incident?
  • What did you think at the time?
  • What have you thought about since?
  • How has it upset / harmed / hurt you?
  • What has been the worst or hardest thing about this for you?
  • What is needed to make it right and to make you feel better?

To the person who has done the harm:

  • Is there anything else you would like to say?
  • What do you need to do to make things better?  How can you fix this?

To the person who has been affected:

  • Is that OK? Do you agree?
  • Is that fair?

To both:

  • How can we make sure this doesn’t happen again?
  • Is there anything I can do to help?
  • Is there anything else you would like to say?

Pastoral Care Update


As part of the College’s Commitment to Child Safety,  in Term 3 we are introducing a Pastoral Care Wellbeing unit sourced in part from  Department of Education and Training . The unit is another way we can continue the journey to ensure that we have clear strategies and explicit teaching to promote the participation and empowerment of children (Standard 7 of Child Safe Schools).  Bosco Homeroom Leaders will present the program to all Year 10 & 11 students during some of the Pastoral Lessons in Term 3 & 4.

The sessions begin on Friday 28 July and will run on some Fridays during Term 3 & 4.  Could we encourage families to take this opportunity to chat you your son/daughter in Year 10 / 11 to see what they are doing.

Elaine Dugdale-Walker
Deputy Principal - Students