Our Stud Show Team attended their first show for the year at Holbrook. At the show we were represented by students; Jessica Ellis, Trent Oats, Mikay Foster, Michelle Grover, Austin Burnell and Bailey Meneghetti.

The first day of this show is dedicated to schools, with workshops around about stud sheep - how to show them, how to judge them, how to judge their wool, carcass ect. A great show to help us practice the skills required for showing our sheep.  

In the Interschools competition Our 4 young rams finished in the top six, our senior ram won and our blue tag ewe (Poppy) won her class. A big improvement on last year where our rams finished last and second last.

We also competed against other Corriedale studs and won many ribbons.  Including but not limited to Champion junior and senior ram, reserve senior ram, champion hogged eww and grand champion ewe. We also won most successful Corriedale exhibitor.

Finally it was the interbreed championship round and although we were in contention to place in a few classes the result was a little overwhelming.

Poppy won the champion ewe of the show and Patrick, our senior ram, won champion ram of the show. They beat approx. 280 other stud sheep.

The judge could not remember a time when Corriedale sheep had beaten all other breeds (Poll Dorset, Suffolk, Dorper, Merino, South Suffolk ect) at The Holbrook Sheep and Wool Show.

Many thanks to Ro Kelly for driving the bus and staying with us. She was a wonderful addition to the team and the students (and I) appreciated her help very much.

The next show is the Australian Sheep and Wool Show on the 14-16 of July at the Bendigo Show Grounds. Fingers crossed for another successful show.