Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning

Schoolbox Results
Feedback for Semester One assessment tasks have now been finalised and all parents and carers are encouraged to use this feedback to talk to their child about their learning progress.

We have experienced an unforeseen issue with semester-based subjects and providing feedback in Schoolbox. Results for these subjects that had not been entered into Schoolbox by the end of Semester One (June 16) now cannot be published using Schoolbox. To work around this, teachers of affected classes will email any outstanding results directly to both students and parents.

While not ideal, it does ensure that parents continue to receive feedback in a timely way. We are now aware of the problem caused by the semester rollover and will be able to avoid it in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding in what has been a complex change in our procedures this year.

Change of Subjects
The final date for subject change requests is this Friday 30 June. No further changes are possible after this date. Please be aware that all requests will depend on timetabling constraints. Some changes may not be possible due to maximum class sizes and schedule clashes.

End of Semester Reports
Summative reports will be mailed home at the end of the term. A reminder that these reports now contain a summary of achievement and that detailed feedback on assessments is now accessed in Schoolbox.

I wish all students a restful and enjoyable Term two break and look forward to a successful Term three.

Daniel Buttacavoli
Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning