Catholic Schools Funding update

Today, over 10,000 students with disability are educated in Catholic schools across Victoria. Government funding support is critical for our schools to meet the individual needs of these. In 2011, the Gonski Review recognised this when it recommended that students with a disability be funded through a loading that should be matched to the needs of each individual student.

Until this measure could be established, the Gonski Panel recommended that all students with disability were funded at the same rate. While all students with disability receive the same loading from the Australian Government, within Catholic education, we differentiate the funding support provided to students based on our own assessment of each student’s needs. This system is considered to work well.

The Turnbull Government recently announced that it will use a different formula from next year to determine how students with disability will be funded by the Australian Government. Under the new proposal, more students will be classified as having a disability but, in most cases, they will attract less funding to Catholic education.

This means that most students who are currently funded for their disability will receive less money from the government. Based on the current data, the total funding provided to Catholic school students with disability will be 17% lower over the next 10 years.

The CEM will continue to raise these concerns with the Government before a final decision is made on school funding.