Student Excursions

During the showcase we watched many performances and listened to many presentations about Japanese culture and why learning Japanese has helped them gain amazing experiences.

As part of the excursion we watched a traditional dance performance by a dance group called ‘Zen’ as well as a Judo demonstration by a popular Judo instructor. We also learnt about Japanese comedy which is called Rakugo and how it is very popular in Japan.

On the day there was also a lot of speeches about how people who aren’t from Japan learnt Japanese. We were informed how a language helped them gain many memorable experiences like traveling as well the benefits of speaking Japanese. 

One speech in particular by a man who is from America, told us how knowing Japanese helped him get an amazing job being an interpreter on T.V.

Overall all students had an amazing time attending the showcase. All of us learnt so much about Japanese culture and how learning Japanese has helped so many people have amazing experiences and opportunities. It was also interesting seeing what it’s like being in University.

Alison Cumming
Bunjil 9