Mazzarello Campus News

Year 9 Challenge Adventure Camp
During the 15-19 May, we saw the Year 9 students participate in the Challenge Adventure Camp. This year students were able to access activities in which many of them would not have had the opportunity before. The students spent five days in the environs around Lake Eildon, approximately 2.5 hours’ drive North East of Melbourne.

The camp program supported and reinforced the Challenge curriculum of the Year 9 program, in the most practical of settings. Students worked together in small, professionally facilitated groups. They dealt directly with concepts such as leadership, followership, inclusiveness, understanding the value of working towards a common goal and the recognition of the unique attributes each individual could bring to their team. Each student had the opportunity to learn about their own strengths and weaknesses and how persistence in extending one’s often self-imposed limitations can bring success – be they physical, emotional or social. Students we asked to write a memoir about their experience, here are some of the responses:

“We experienced something so new and different, along with a fair share of difficulties and challenges. Conquering the hills has made me feel strong and the packs became a familiar comfort.”

“I realised just how lucky I am to live in a built up home, have warm water and a fridge full of food. I will never complain about anything silly again, considering how I am so privileged.”

“I lit the match and slowly started the fire, it was simple, but the whole day was so difficult we just climbed hills for 15km. During the night, everyone was helping each other out like we were a family. Some people cooked, set up their tents and collected sticks for the fire. I was thankful for having my friends around me and getting to know other people better.”

We hope that all participants shared these experiences and that every student was able to come home with a more determined attitude towards accepting and taking on new challenges. Many thanks to all staff who attended the camp, experiencing the same challenges alongside the students.



Mazzarello Feast Day 8 May
Year 9 students celebrated St Maria Mazzarello’s Feast Day in fine fashion. Students walked to Reading Cinemas, Sunbury, to view Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The students munched on popcorn and other snacks whilst watching the movie in a most mature and responsible manner.

Cinema staff commented just how well behaved the students were. Following from the movie students and teachers walked to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church to be led by Father Will with the Celebration Mass of St Maria Mazzarello.

The students were joined by the Salesian Sisters of Melbourne, College Executive, Sister Jose from our local Josephite Sisters and special guest Sister Lucy-Rose, a Salesian Sister who sits on the General Council in Rome and is an advisor to Salesian Mother Superior. Sister Lucy-Rose spoke to the students at the end of Mass, praising them on their efforts and wishing them all the best for their future education.

At the end of Mass all returned to school for lunch. The sisters continued and a special ceremony was held for the opening of the Mazzarello Well, wonderfully reconstructed by Michelle from the College Maintenance Team. Father Will presided over the blessing with all in attendance.

Salesian College First XI Stud Cattle Scholarship
It has been a very busy time in Discovery Agriculture this term. After a lengthy and very impressive selection process, with the quality of all applicants set at a very high standard, we are pleased to announce that Jaime Vosper, Alice Mitrevics and Tim Smith are the recipients of the Salesian College First XI Stud Cattle Scholarship.

Each of the these students are to be trained in showing stud cattle, grooming cattle, handling them and learning about top stud cattle genetics. The scholarship will involve the students attending the Stud Beef Victoria Handlers Camp in the upcoming July Holidays.

Brendon Fogarty
Mazzarello Campus Director