From Our Rector

Just over a week ago, I was in Sydney near the Blue Mountains for a week of annual retreat. The retreat house was nestled in the hills surrounded by nature and many Australian wildlife. A very peaceful place to retreat.

It was a regular time for me to relax and reflect on my life and ministry as a Salesian priest. Ministering the needs of the college community as well as the Burmese migrants around the Eastern States and New Zealand. I managed to keep my phone off for a whole week, no emails, no text messages, and no Facebook.

Being a priest is a busy and demanding life. But it is a very satisfying and enjoyable profession to serve the needs of others. Yet, however busy they are priests do need to look after themselves, take a break, in order to look after others. I am aware of myself as a busy person and have to remind myself to take a break regularly!

Not just priests, many of us live busy life styles and often not being able to find time for our own wellbeing. How do we look after ourselves? How do you look after yourself?

Life is given to us, and we need to live it, examine it and enjoy it.

My thoughts and prayers to you if you are not travelling well in life. Please do take care of yourself and take a regular break when necessary.

God bless!
Fr Will Matthews SDB