College Excursions

On 18 May, a number of students and staff attended Exercise Research Australia in Thornbury. The day was spent doing a laboratory exercise science session. The focus of the session was on an athletes use of energy systems and the analysis of fatiguing mechanisms in a range of sporting events.

One particular test, the VO2 Maximum test, was completed by Thomas Fraser. He was pushed to his limit on a treadmill which measured his oxygen consumption (Volume of oxygen consumed per minute), carbon dioxide levels and his maximum heart rate. Thomas did an excellent job and he showed that he met the level expected for an elite athlete.

Students also had the opportunity to discuss hydration in sport, both from its importance of allowing the body to work more efficiently in performance as well as for making the correct decisions during activities.

Both students that were tested had low hydration and found out they needed to drink more water. We already know that good hydration is important for mental focus and good academic performance.

A great day for our students to consolidate their knowledge and skills.

Mark Cautley
Mackillop House Leader