Savio Campus News

School Play “Much Ado About What You Will”
Well done to Bardyn McIntryre (Year 7), Mitchell Natoli and Ashleigh Furniss (Year 8) who have landed parts in the College Play for this year. This will take place at the College on the 3rd and 4th August so put it in your diaries now!

Wearable Arts Competition
The Wearable Arts competition has been announced, which will be held on our Savio Feast day in Term 4. Each Homeroom will create a piece of “wearable” art. This is to be modelled by one of the students and is hopefully made from recycled materials.

We look forward to seeing what the students’ imaginations create!

This week the Year 8 students will be starting Cyber Pass – our online safety course. The Year 7 students will attend a talk about Bullying, which is presented by the outside group “The Flying Bookworm.”

The exams for all Year 8 students will take place on Wednesday 7 June (Period 1 – Maths) and Wednesday 7 June (Period 3 – English). These exams will be 60 minutes each, plus an additional 10 minutes for reading and instructions.

Students will sit their exams in the stadium. They will need pens, pencils, highlighter, ruler, eraser, calculator and a dictionary. No white-out is to be used – they are to cross out or erase mistakes.

The Maths exam is in two sections – A Maths Pathways paper exam and a Rich Assessment Task. Both are paper exams so NO device is needed. Students are allowed to take into the exam one study notebook. These should have notes and formula to assist. They will need a calculator. If in any doubt, students are asked to check with their Maths teacher.

There are two sections to the English exam – Advertisement Analysis and Film Technique. In the Advertisement Analysis section, students will be required to review an ad and answer questions about how the ad persuades the reader to support their cause. They can study for this section of the exam by practising analysing ads and ay see their teacher for practice ads and a copy of the questions.

In the Film Technique section, they will be required to identify and explain the intended effect of a range of film techniques. They can study for this section of the exam by revising the film techniques explored in class to ensure that they can be recognised on the exam. Students are required to bring a dictionary.

It would be helpful if the following advice was re-iterated at home:

How to revise:

  • Put your phone away when studying – even the sight of it is distracting
  • Don’t listen to music when revising – you won’t be listening to it in the exam. Studies show that when you revise in a quiet environment you are able to recall more
  • To commit something to memory takes time – spread your revision over a number of days.
  • Test yourself – ask mum or dad to ask you questions and give the answer
  • Teach someone else – this requires you to learn and organise your knowledge in a clear  manner
  • Continue with your sport and activities you love


How to get help:

  • Attend Phoenix on Thursday afternoons in the Savio Campus to get extra help
  • Make sure you know what is expected in the exam – how many parts there are. How long is each section? What will you be examined on?
  • Take your exercise books, textbooks, past tests, novels home
  • Fail to prepare – prepare to fail…


How to best prepare:

  • The night before get at least 8 hours sleep
  • On the day have breakfast – this has been proven to improve concentration and memory
  • Be organised with your equipment – have everything in a clear plastic bag
  • Don’t listen to others talking about what they have studied. This will fill your head with information you can’t grasp at the last minute


What happens if I am away?
You will sit the exam in the next Maths or English class you have with you teacher so come prepared with what you will need.


Semester two starts in Week 10 of this term. If students wish to change their elective subjects, they need to get a form from the Savio Office. Parents and the Homeroom Leader must sign it. Return it to the Savio office.

If we can make the change, we will. It is dependent on space in the subject and if the two subjects are offered at that same time. Either way, students will be informed via their Homeroom leader. Students who change electives will need to arrange to get books or resources required.

Narelle Stone
Savio Campus Director