Work Experience

Emily Floreani did her placement at Gisborne Health Essentials. She selected this placement as she is interested in alternative medicines and because she wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a naturopath.

As well as being exposed to the retail side of the store, Emily was able to spend time helping mix herbs and learning about the different remedies and treatments offered by naturopaths. Emily said that she had an amazing experience and would recommend work experience to other students who want to learn more about a career interest area. Click here to read her article.

Sarah Earl did her work experience last week at Killara Primary School in Sunbury. She spent the week with students in Grade One and Two and for her, the highlight of the week was getting to know the students and helping them with their work. Sarah said that the children made her laugh and she enjoyed seeing school from a different perspective.

John Parker spent his work experience week at Borcor Cabinets in Keilor Park. During his time here, he was able to watch and learn about the commercial cabinet making process. John was fortunate to be given some simple tasks to complete such as sanding.


By Emily Floreani 

Monday 1 May – Friday 5 May

Gisborne Health Essentials is a health food shop run by naturopaths. I chose to work here as I was interested in alternate medicines and wanted to gain a deeper understanding about what naturopaths do.

Throughout the week, I got to participate in many tasks, mostly helping around the shop.

As the shop was a main focus, I helped to re-stock shelves, food and checking barcodes. I learnt how to serve a customer and how to work the computers.

I assisted with cleaning crowded areas, making sandwiches and drinks for customers and re-designing some schedules.

My favourite part was mixing the herbs and essences. I was lucky enough to create two Australian Bush Flower remedies for myself. This was where you looked through a series of cards each with a different Australian flower, which stated what the flower helped with, e.g. stress. You picked five cards that suited you best at the time and mixed them together in a small bottle. I then got to take them home and have morning and night. 

I also got to mix some herbs for clients. The naturopath asked me to measure out a certain amount from a series of different herb bottles and pour it into another bottle for the client to take home.

By doing this, I learnt that everyone is different, and depending on what their situation was, there were different herbs to suit. When I asked questions, I learnt about the different remedies given by naturopaths and got to learn a bit more about what every day looked like for them.

The staff were extremely friendly and willing to help me when I was in a situation where I was stuck or didn’t know what to do next. They made the experience more enjoyable, and I made new friends along the way.

Work placement for me was definitely an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure or would like to gain a better understanding of a career they may wish to pursue.