Deputy Principal - Students

News from Student Hub
Can I please remind families that if your child is ill at school you will be contacted by the College Nurse. Sarah will have a chat with you and may ask you to come and collect your child, or have someone else collect the child at Student Hub.  Please note that we do not want students communicating with parents/guardians directly, generally via a text message, to come and pick them up at Student Hub.

The College has purposely employed a qualified Nurse to ensure the greatest possible care is given to student who feel unwell and or need support. Part to the partnership between home and school is that communication will be via people who are responsible for certain areas within the College.

Could we ask for parents to support the College by not communicating with their child via the mobile phone during school hours.   Parents/Guardians are free to call the College on 97440000 and students will be given messages or provided with a phone to contact families if required.

Introducing our new College Nurse
My name is Sarah Isherwood and I am the current Nurse here at the College whist Bree is on maternity leave.

I have extensive pediatric nursing experience as I have spent the past 6 years working at The Royal Children’s Hospital in the areas of Adolescent Medicine and Mental Health as well as Rehabilitation and Oncology.

My passion is working with young people and dealing with their needs in a holistic manner. I even have hidden talents like applying band-aids and issuing medication. I am very friendly and approachable so please feel free to come and see me if you are unwell, need advice or simply want to chat.

School Attendance
Here is an article from the Catholic Education Office reminding parents and students about the importance of uninterrupted school attendance (with the exception of illness).

Our day begins with a warning bell at 8.40am, all students need to be in homeroom by 8.45am.  Homeroom is a vital part of the day as it provides at time for quite prayer, seeing your homeroom leader and looking at what is happening during the week via School box ‘News’.

The article outlines clearly the importance of regular attendance and some tips on how to work in a partnership (student, school and family) to achieve consistent attendance and allow Learning and Teaching to occur.

Elaine Dugdale-Walker
Deputy Principal – Students