Savio Campus News

Fidget Spinners
We have had a number of incidents involving fidget spinners over the past few weeks. As a result these are banned from school. Parents of any student who have a pre-existing medical condition requiring one is asked to contact Mrs Teresa Pilone, Head of Learning Strategies at the College.

Pastoral Programme
In the next 2 weeks all students will begin Cyber Pass. This teaches students about online safety, rights and responsibilities. Students complete a number of modules online. Students will be given time in pastoral to complete this. Students are expected to gain 85% or more in each module to “pass” and we would like all students to have passed all modules by the start of Term 3.

This week the Year 8’s will also have a presenter from Hume City Council on Graffiti. This addresses peer pressure and citizenship as its main themes.

Mr Mark Brockhus will speak with the Year 8 students about the Hands Off policy. We are very disappointed that a number of students are breaching this policy, especially at lunchtimes.

Some of our male Homeroom Leaders, Mr Daniel Pell, Mr Alistair Corry, Mr Dylan Hannan and Mr Shane Johnston with also be talking with the Year 8 boys about good sportsmanship, in particular regarding the rivalries that exist between our boys who attend different local football clubs.

Lush Presentations
Congratulations to the following students who reached the finals of our Lush competition - Rebecca Thomas, Ruby Wallworth, Sam Grainger, Patrick Harding, Sophie Ball, Emily Cosgriff, Monte Croke, Tilly Crowther, Olivia Kane, Isabella Shephard and Danielle Thompson.

During their Year 8 English classes, students have been working in groups to come up with an advertising campaign for the store Lush. The finalists presented at the Savio assembly last week in front of the CEO of Lush Ms Peta Granger. The winning group: Hannah Smajila, Charles Agius, Thomas Hall and Tara Andreula have been invited to Sydney to visit the factory, make a sample product and pitch their idea to the marketing executives. We look forward to hearing how they do!

It has already been a successful term regarding Savio Campus’ sporting performances - starting the term off with some impressive efforts in the schools Athletics Carnival resulting in a win for Mackillop. We are also very impressed with the Savio students who participated in the SACCSS Cross Country, in particular Lachlan Fish who came 2nd in his race and Georgia Power who came 3rd in hers.

We are also thrilled with the results coming from our first two rounds of Premier League, particularly the strong performances against a tough opposition in St Monica’s.

SACCSS Swimming
Just before the end of Term one, we had the SACCSS swimming. Well done to the following students who represented the College:

Nikyah Baker
Jacob Broomfield
Audrey Brunacci
Austin Burnell
Georgia Coulson
Izabella Crawford
Sam Dennis
Kane Frew
Matthew Gook
Brennah MacDonald
Harry Manders
Amy-Rose Ridi
Amber Smajila
Sinead Tighe
Thomas Vincent
Justin Wildemast


SACCSS Cross Country
This event was held this term. Well done to the following students:

Claire Frewen

Laura Campelj

Olivia Floreani

Rachel Grover

Ava Marshall

Amber Smajila

Gabriella Smith

Chelsea Taylor

Sinead Tighe

Nicholas Bootle

Ned Evans

Lachlan Fish

Elijah Sanderson

Luka Shields

Lana Bergamsco

Bridget Ferris

Grace Krstev

Georgia Power 

Laura Weatherall

Ned Crotty

Liam Goodfellow

Matthew Merrett

Mitchell Ponton

Oliver Powell

Wesley Santos

Hugh Tighe

The following students gained commendations at assembly:

Katherine Watson (OY Year 7) whose entry was chosen as one of the finalists to be shown in Catholic Arts Exhibition.

For extraordinary generosity to Project Compassion - Toby Marzella of MY House who donated $50 and Janella Ramos of MO who donated nearly $100 to help our charity carry out its good work.

Narelle Stone
Savio Campus Director