Student Achievements

Once each Term our Principal Mark Brockhus has the opportunity to present to our students a special award in recognition of their effort and commitment. One student is chosen at each Year Level, having been nominated by a member of the Staff for:

  • general excellence (i.e. class work, support of teachers, uniform, behaviour, etc…)
  • an act of goodness (i.e. something which exemplifies what we stand for)
  • ongoing dedication to a particular task or duty (i.e. a sustained effort/commitment)
  • a particular act of courage
  • the pursuit of personal best
  • significant improvement as a result of concerted effort
  • very good role modeling
  • leadership

The Term 1 Student of the Term Awards were presented at our final Assembly of the term. We wish to congratulate each of the following students for their achievements:

YEAR 7           Thalia Salt (Bunjil) & Ben Gavaghan (MacKillop)

YEAR 8           Tara Andreula (Bunjil)

YEAR 9           Hannah Thorne (O'Grady)

YEAR 10         Eloise Disher (Maiocco)

YEAR 11         Joshua Buzza (Colliton) & Jazmine Anderson (Mannix)

YEAR 12         Sam Richardson (O'Grady)