Director of Faith & Religious Studies

An Easter Reflection
The resurrection of Jesus is the starting point of the Christian message.  It vindicates Jesus’ claims of unique Sonship and Divinity.  It also confirms for the disciples Jesus’ teachings and prophecies.  Luke stresses that the women return and tell the eleven about their experience.  Like the lowly shepherds who first saw Jesus in the manger (Lk 2:20), these women who supported the twelve using their own resources, began to remember, understand and proclaim the message that Jesus is truly what he claimed to be: Son of God-DIVINE.  From simple discipleship they turned to be “eyewitnesses” and “ministers of the word”.  Their witness and proclamation made Peter and John get up, run to the empty tomb, and be eyewitnesses themselves.

For us today, when we say or sing “Jesus Christ is risen” we don’t mean only that Jesus Christ was risen once upon a time.  We mean that the risen Lord is all around us, in the eyes and of those sitting beside us, in the bread and wine of the altar, in the newly baptized, and in the people we meet all the time.  He walks the earth today – teaching, healing, touching, suffering, dying and rising.  If we go seeking the risen Jesus with faith, hope we will find him. 

Seek him, find him, love him in every person by serving their needs.  Then it is truly not only Christ is who risen but we, too, are already living a risen life by power and grace.  In contemplating Jesus’ resurrection, the central mystery of our faith, we may profitably ask ourselves, which of the witnesses we find in the Gospel of today we personally identify and why?

Do we identify with Mary Magdalene, who, because of her tremendous love for her Lord, ran to the tomb even before daybreak?  Or with Peter, who acted impetuously but wholeheartedly, without even having a clear insight into the meaning of the event?  Or do we identify with John, whose young heart saw, loved greatly in a special way and seriously believed for, both Peter and John saw the empty tomb, but the Gospel records that only John saw and believed.

Let us arise to proclaim the good news that Jesus is risen and he is God of the living and the dead!

Stephen Connelly
Director of Faith and Religious Studies