Deputy Principal - Students

Transition of the College Uniform:  families of students in Years 8-12
Thanks to all families for your support of the uniform changes.  Families with students in Years 8-12 have a long period of transition to the new College uniform, with one exception.

From term 2 onwards the New Raincoat is the only outer jacket that can be worn to and from school when it is raining, and at school when we experience heavy rain. This information has been widely promoted to the school community as listed below:

  • End of 2016 Principal’s letter that was in the Report Pack       
  • Uniform brochure that was given to all families in 2016
  • Student News on Schoolbox
  • Information emailed to students


Wearing the Uniform Correctly
The College expects students to be well groomed at all times when wearing the College uniform.  If an item of uniform needs to be repaired or is unavailable, an alternate is to be worn and a signed note from a parent or guardian explaining the reason is to be given to the House Leader during morning Homeroom.  Sports uniform is not to be worn as an alternative.  Students who repeatedly breach uniform expectations will be removed from timetabled classes and College events or sent home to correct the issue.

News from Student Hub
The College is exceptionally well resourced with our Student Hub.  The main function of this is Student reception and First Aid.  The Student Hub is looked after by Jo Little (Student Hub Administrator) and Breanna Dunnachie (School Nurse).

With the implementation of Child Safety Standards a few new protocols have been implemented.

When a child needs to leave the College early on a day (due to illness, appointment etc.) the following process needs to occur:

  • Parent /Guardian to provide a note to the Homeroom Leader (HRL)
  • Student presents note to HRL who signs it
  • At appropriate time, student goes to Student Hub and shows the signed note to Student Hub Administrator
  • Student Hub will sign out the student when the parents/guardian or designated adult presents at Student Hub to collect the student/s.

An adult must come into Student Hub and collect the student before they are officially signed out.

In an attempt to minimise the risk in relation to Anaphylaxis in our College, we remind parents and students to the following points in relation to the provision of food:

  • Staff at the College are aware that providing food for students (either brought in by a staff member or by a student) as a reward or part of a class activity is to be avoided.
  • All staff, students and parents are aware that no student can have a delivery of food to the school, or school sanctioned event from non-authorised person/s (example, non-custodial guardian, Fast Food Delivery Service or UberEats).
  • Parents who wish to bring food into the College, for their own child/ren, are free to do so.  On arrival at the College the parent/guardian is to take the food to the Student Hub, were it will then be passed on to the student/s.

Kakadu 2017
Acceptance letters have been sent out to students for the Kakadu Trip on 21 September- 2 October.  Itineraries will be sent out to families very soon. 
We look forward to seeing amazing photographs in the Term 4 newsletter.

Elaine Dugdale-Walker
Deputy Principal – Students