Mazzarello Campus News

The 2017 academic year has begun with great gusto and enthusiasm. The Mazzarello Campus has certainly welcomed Term 1. The students and staff of the Mazzarello Campus have been working collectively to develop new ideas and programs that best suit Middle School learning.

The further development of experiential learning to full Project Based Learning curriculum development, along with the introduction of Team Based Teaching methodology, has meant that students have been able to gain meaning from their classwork and place this into a real world context. Integrated projects across key learning areas has allowed students to actively engage in their learning and demonstrate in a variety of ways what they have learnt.  

Students have also participated in the Clean Up Australia program. This involved students from three classes, gathering and working with members from Hume City Council, Melbourne Water, and “Clean Up Australia”, in an effort to remove rubbish from the Blind Creek area between Clarke Reserve, Sunbury and Salesian College.

A priority of the Mazzarello Campus has been to clean up and improve the surrounds of the buildings after the construction process, beginning at the first College Working Bee. The morning saw a great amount of manual work completed. Further working bees are to be planned throughout the year. We would like to recognise the efforts of all participants who gave up their personal time for the College.

The next major challenge for the Year 9s is the Outdoor Adventure Camp. The camp is being held during the week beginning Monday 15 May. Students have been invited to nominate three students that may wish to work with on Camp. Students are asked to have their survey nominations completed prior to week one of term 2. It is hoped that students will be notified of their grouping during the second week of term 2.

Brendon Fogarty
Mazzarello Campus Director