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John Maher, of Carmen’s Road Safety, Friday 25 August.
Twenty-one years ago, John was badly injured in a car accident, which put an end to him being a highly successful insurance salesman. Two years later, he lost his youngest daughter in a fatal car accident. As you would expect, John (and his family) went through a very dark time, until one day he read an article in the local newspaper reporting that four young people were killed in another car accident.

The fire in his belly was lit, and ever since, he has been travelling the country sharing the message of road safety with school kids and corporates everywhere. In fact, he averages 80 schools per year, and has been nominated in 2013, 2014 & 2015 for the National Australia Day Australian Of The Year awards.

The Bosco campus students were very grateful to John and his painful story, but it was a story that needed to be heard. The students were exemplary in their behaviour and response to John at the end of the session. I hope that the same pain that John and his family went through will never affect each family.


Year 12 Graduation Mass
All Year 12 family members and friends of the Class of 2017 are invited to the Graduation Mass which will be held in Lakeside Stadium on Tuesday 24 October at 6.30pm (Mass begins at 7pm) followed by a celebration cake. For more information around the Mass and Graduation Dinner, please click here.


Exam Timetable
Please click here  for the timetable for Unit 4 Practice exams.

These exams are a great opportunity to identify your strengths and deficiencies in regards to your learning. Please ensure that you are at the college no later than 15 minutes prior to the examination commencement time.

These are compulsory, and the college expects students to attend and abide by VCAA exam conditions.

If you fail to attend, you will not be given another opportunity to sit the paper that has been sat and will be graded by an internal or external assessor.

There will be clashes and in some cases students with 3 exams on one day. You are not expected to sit 3 exams on one day, but you will need to make arrangements to sit at an alternative time. Two exams is acceptable, as this may occur in your End of Year exams.

If you have a clash, you can sit in another exam time with comparable timing to your exam, or use the reschedule times on Thursday or Friday. You will need to communicate with your unit 4 teacher to create the alternative time. A reminder that the English exam, will be held on the first Monday of the holidays.

Please dress appropriately, those with a hoodie may use this opportunity to do so, others please dress in neat casual clothing. 

If you have any queries, please feel free to email or pop into my office for clarification.
Good Luck and Kind Regards

Sam Scollo
Bosco Campus Director