From our Rector

A few events kept me happily busy in the last couple of weeks. A major event was the Year 7 camps held at Don Bosco Camp in Safety Beach. I was able to spend some time with students and staff in all three camps. It was a special moment for all to have Mass celebrated on each camp.

Year 7 students enjoyed themselves with our staff and the young Salesian Leaders doing various activities throughout the camp. I must say most activities were fun as well as challenging. Wonderful few days for all parties involved.

On Friday 10 March, the 90th Anniversary Swimming Carnival was held at Sunbury Aquatic Centre. Again, great to see students involved in swimming, and in various competitions in joy. Many non-swimmers also enjoyed a bit of footy and cricket in the grass area, and a few students created themselves picnic atmospheres around the ground. It was a non-teaching special day!

Don Bosco wanted all his students to enjoy happiness in life. Salesian College provides happy atmosphere everywhere possible. I hope every student finds joy at the college. If not, speak to someone and do something about it.

Wishing you all blessings of happiness!

Fr Will Matthews SDB