Deputy Principal - Students

What’s happening in Pastoral Care at Salesian ?
Friday 17 March acknowledged the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Salesian has participated in this National Day for the last 4 years.  All students participated in a House Assembly where we looked at Bullying Statistics, the importance of not being a Bystander who does nothing; we also looked at Brodie’s Law 

After the House Assembly, students in Year 7 were shown the Wellbeing Space with their Year 10 Buddy - a place to go to if a student feels unsafe and/or needs to chat to someone. Members of the House then proceeded to make stars in support of the ‘One Million Stars Project to End Violence’

We have joined in the One Million Stars Project in support of Embracing 2018 and the One Million Stars to End Violence project. As a College, we have pledged to make 200 stars. Each star woven will represent the school’s commitment towards a bullying and violence free environment.

On Monday 20 March, all students in the College participated in a Bullying Survey.  The College has completed this survey for the past 2 years.  Information collected is seen by the House Leaders, Directors of Campus, Deputy Principals, Vice Principal and the Principal.  The House Leader will speak to any student who has her/his name mentioned on more than two occasions in the survey. A Director or Deputy will speak to anyone who has his or her named mentioned more than four times, and a parent will be contacted.

Salesain works hard to provide a welcoming, safe and inclusive community for all our students.

Elaine Dugdale – Walker
Deputy Principal – Students