Meeting with Archbishop

On March 2, Josh, Hannah, Riley and myself had the opportunity to attend the annual Archbishop Conversation; a day where student leaders from across the Archdiocese of Melbourne come together to hear from Archbishop Denis Hart, and discuss in amongst small groups statements related to the central theme of each year. These small group discussions, through the assistance of a scribe, help the Archbishop formulate his Pentecost Pastoral Letter that is released every year.

This year’s gathering was held at St Kevin’s College Toorak, with the school hosting students from 35 Catholic colleges across the Archdiocese, with the central theme of discussion being “courage”. The Archbishop recounted his faith journey to us, and shared with the audience some times during his life when he has had to show courage, spanning from his childhood through to recent discussions with the Royal Commission.

From there the entire assembly was separated, moving into small groups comprising of one student from each of the schools. This separation allowed for all present to have their own say on the statements posed to us on being courageous, with discussion being the key element of these groups. This session allowed for the students to also formulate questions we had for the Archbishop, and be able to meet fellow leaders, with everyone providing their own personal insights as to how to display courage at school and throughout our lives.

After lunch, provided an opportunity to socialize with the students we had met in our small groups and have a photo with Archbishop Hart; the leaders returned inside the auditorium to listen to the responses the Archbishop had to our many questions. The floor was then opened up to all, with students being able to ask the Archbishop any question they had, regardless of the topic.

The day concluded with all leaders receiving a blessing and a final prayer from the Archbishop All school leaders were thanked for their participation and contribution for the day.


Jemma Humphries
Yr 12