Bosco Campus News

Presentation Ball
In a world where we are harsh and often critical of this generation of youth, I would like to personally congratulate and thank this gracious and mature cohort of students that have undertaken this short but successful journey. They have given the college great optimism in both their academic pursuits, but also many of the life choices that are ahead of them.

I look forward to working with them on the completion of their secondary education at the college, knowing that they will give at least as much if not more attention to their studies as they have to preparing for the Ball.

Many thanks must go to the staff that helped put this wonderful event together. Ms Denise Carabott, Ms Sarah Mott, Ms Joanne Cooper, Ms Emma Smith, Ms Josette Paterakis, Ms Rebecca Dunn, Ms Vicky Horten, Ms Melissa O’Meara, Ms Fiona Portelli, Ms Judy Irvine, Ms Alison Roberts, Ms Tyana Viti and Ms Alannah Duffy.

Sam Scollo
Bosco Campus Director