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Mazzarello Students Community Service
On Tuesday 28 February, students from Mahoney and Mannix participated in the annual “Clean Up Australia Day” program. This involved students gathering and working with community members from Hume City Council, Melbourne Water and “Clean Up Australia”, in an effort to remove rubbish from the Blind Creek Reserve area in Sunbury.

The students participated in three activities for the day. The first being a clean-up of the surrounds of the Blind Creek waterways, picnic grounds and creek banks. The second activity looked at the cleanliness and water quality of Blind Creek with a Healthy Water Program.

Students worked scenarios of water sustainability, management and wildlife protection. The lessons gained from this activity will certainly be put into place when the students study ecology and waterways later in the school year. Finally, the students worked with the State government initiative of graffiti removal. Students learned how graffiti is removed, as well as the connection between a clean environment and reduced levels of graffiti.

At the conclusion of the morning’s activities the students gathered with the participating organisations for a BBQ lunch. From all reports the students and teachers put in a huge effort and represented the College in the most positive manner. Each student is to be congratulated for the hard work and positive attitudes.


Year 9 ASH Program

  • Homework getting you down?
  • Need some extra assistance with the latest assessment task?
  • Want to get some extra study practice for the next test or exam?

The Mazzarello Campus offers a Year 9 Afterschool Homework (ASH) program. Like the Phoenix program, Year 9 students are welcome to attend afterschool homework sessions within the Mazzarello Campus.

CORE teachers of the Campus will attend each Thursday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm to assist Year 9 with their homework, assessment tasks and study skills. Students are encouraged to attend these sessions with a predetermined set subject or goal for the session.

Students can be advised on project work, writing skills and numeracy skills. It could even be utilised as a time when project groups can get together to collaborate on assessment projects. We look forward to students utilising their resourcefulness, perseverance and meta-learning during the ASH program.


Mazzarello Challenge Camp Parent Information Evening; Tuesday 14 March 6.30pm – 7.30pm
The camp supports and reinforces the pastoral curriculum of the College in the most practical of settings. Students will be working together in small, professionally facilitated groups dealing directly with concepts such as leadership (and equally importantly, followership), inclusiveness, understanding the value of working towards a common goal and the recognition of the unique attributes each individual can bring to a team.

We hope that each student will learn about their own strengths and weaknesses, and how persistence in extending one’s often self-imposed limitations can bring success. An ability to bounce back from setbacks or challenges with confidence and optimism is a vital tool for any young person as they enter adulthood.

Parents will be briefed about the activities, what to expect on camp, what to bring/not to bring and equipment needed. Students will be briefed on Tuesday 21 March during school time. The evening will provide information regarding OEG’s background and risk management policies. We believe that sound parental understanding about the outdoor education program will provide significant support to your child’s experience.





Brendon Fogarty
Mazzarello Campus Director