Savio Campus News

Year 7 Camp
The annual Year 7 camp was again a success this year. The students had a wonderful few days surfing, tree surfing, and taking part in The Amazing Race. The students also took part in a retreat activity before celebrating their first Salesian Mass. This was a great experience enjoyed by all, with students and staff bonding and creating house spirit, which will be very important come swimming carnival! My thanks to the staff who organised and accompanied each trip.


Year 7 Family Night
We look forward to seeing many of our Year 7 parents and students on Thursday 9 March for our Year 7 Family Night. This is an opportunity to see the House areas, your child’s homeroom and classrooms. As well as meeting the key staff involved in looking after the pastoral care of your child. Due to space restrictions, please note that this evening is strictly for parents and current Year 7 students only. Supper will be provided before the official event, giving you an opportunity to meet other parents.

Now that camp is over, Year 7’s should be expecting the same amount of homework as Year 8’s. It is expected that students will be set 15-20 minutes for each lesson they have that day. This is in addition to their expected 20 minutes reading time. If your child is doing substantially less than one hour a night or substantially more than 2 hours then please contact their Homeroom teacher to discuss. If they are not set particular tasks, it is expected that they spend the 15-20 minutes using the Homework Study Guide, which can be found in the diary.

Narelle Stone