College Open Day

A great deal of spontaneous and positive feedback was received on our College Open Day from those who visited. 

Some of the comments included:

  • “Wow! I’ve seen the school from the train, but never imagined it to have so many wonderful facilities”
  • “The school has definitely improved since I was last here in 2013 as a Year 12 student. Can’t wait to bring my little brother here next year”
  • “Amazing environment. How do the kids get any work done with those amazing views from the new Savio building”
  • “I really like the new uniform – it looks very smart and comfortable to wear. The Year 7s obviously enjoy wearing it, especially the new sports outfit”
  • “The tour guides were terrific; well-mannered, knowledgeable and obviously proud of their school”
  • “The new facilities are great. I love the location of the new Careers Centre”
  • “I really like the mix of House System and Campuses – it gives every child the chance to fit in somewhere”

In the coming months, there will be numerous other opportunities for parents and students to visit the school. It would be fantastic to see existing and prospective families come to see what’s on offer in this wonderful learning community.