Catholic Education Week

The theme for this year’s Catholic Education Week, 12–19 March, is “Moved by the Love of Christ”. This theme is drawn from a phrase in St Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians where he speaks of the love of Christ that urges, compels and moves us to share in Christ’s ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5: 14). Click here to read more

Despite being the most aggressive opponent of the Church, St Paul was given the gift of an encounter with the risen Christ, who shared with him nothing but grace, forgiveness, healing and encouragement.

Paul was so moved that he spent the rest of his life sharing that experience with everyone he met. In the end, his own life became like a retelling of the gospel. The lives of every saint, including St John Bosco, are like this.

They are not identical to Christ, but they were so moved by his love and so enamored of the gospel that their own lives resembled the life of Christ, even though they were moved in ever unique ways, with their own gifts and creativity and within their own historical contexts. As followers of Christ and inspired by the lives of the saints, we are challenged to live our own lives as a ‘retelling of the gospel’.

The central activities for Catholic Education Week – the St Patrick’s Mass for Schools, the Concert in the Park and the Young Speakers Colloquium – will take place on Friday 17 March. The Visual Arts Exhibition runs from Tuesday 14 March until Saturday 18 March at the Catholic Leadership Centre, Melbourne. A local highlight will be the shared Parish celebration of Eucharist at St Anne’s Church. More details to come.