Vice Principal

My focus this term is to inspire students and staff to continuously enhance the learning of all and continually strive to understand and improve their impact. At Salesian College Sunbury, I am committed to the development of young people, actively promoting a growth mindset and the wellbeing of all students.

I have worked in education for the last 28 years from the classroom through to leadership roles at school and system level. My previous role at Catholic Education Melbourne has put me in good stead to lead school improvement. I am passionate about improving learning outcomes for students, educational international best practice, and developing leadership capacity in teachers.

Coaching is a way, we as a staff can set high standards, achieve excellence and become responsive to the needs of our all students. This year all teachers will be involved in the Educator Impact Program focused on coaching and feedback. This program is designed to improve teacher effectiveness. It is a very exciting time as we build a feedback culture. Extending the voices of the staff, the student and the college community for continuous improvement. I look forward to sharing our learning experience with the college community in future newsletters.