Deputy Principal - Students

News from Student Hub
The College is exceptionally well resourced with our Student Hub.  The main function of this is Student reception and First Aid.  The Student Hub is looked after by Jo Little (Student Hub Administrator) and Breanna Dunnachie (School Nurse)

With the implementation of Child Safety Standards a few new protocols have been implemented. When a child needs to leave the College early on a day (due to illness, appointment etc.) the following process needs to occur:

Parent /Guardian to provide a note to the Homeroom Leader (HRL)
Student presents note to Homeroom Leader who signs it
At appropriate time, student goes to Student Hub and shows the signed note to Student Hub Administrator
Student Hub will sign out the student when the parents/guardian or designated adult presents at Student Hub to collect the student/s.

An adult must come into Student Hub and collect the student before they are officially signed out.

Student Absence
Please notify the College of a student absence by 8.45am on phone 97440053

Buses at Salesian
I recently held a bus meeting with all travelers on the Salesian fee paying buses.  The purpose of this was to clarify expectations regarding behaviour and the wearing of seatbelts.  Students were also reminded that the signed Bus Contract needs to be returned to the College by Friday 16 February. Please note that Students are required to wear seat belts on the buses.

Students were reminded basic respectful behaviours including:

  • No playing music that other people can hear- listen to you own music through head phones
  • No getting out of seat before your stop
  • No physical contact with others
  • No verbal teasing, aggravation, put downs, spreading of rumours
  • Sitting in correct seats. Year 7s at the front, Year 12s at the back.

If behaviour on the bus is unacceptable (refer to Bus Contract), student/s will be removed for two weeks. If further behaviour occurs that is unacceptable, then the student/s will be removed from the bus.

Students were reminded to chat to their Bus Captain if they had any concerns in the first instance.  Who will then pass on information to myself.