Savio Campus News

Savio Student Leaders
At our assembly on Friday the Savio Student Leaders for 2017 were presented with their badges of office. These students have been chosen following an extensive application process. All have exhibited an excellent attitude to their studies, a commitment to College activities and care and consideration for others. Congratulations to the following students:

Savio Campus Leaders 2017


Campus Captains                    Emily Cugliari                     MY2
                                                       Monte Croke                      OY3

Campus Vice Captains           Helena Broders                 OY2
                                                       Marcus Bailey                    CN3

Liturgy Captains                       Meagan Shore                   BL1
                                                       Tilly Crowther                    MO2

Arts Captains                             Ashleigh Furniss               CN3
                                                       Chanel Venes                    CN2

Learning Captains                     Emily Bojczuk                    MX1
                                                       Tim Cardillo                        MP1

Sacred Earth Captains             Audrey Brunacci             OY2
                                                       Matthew Gook                 MO3

Social Justice Captains           Samantha Dickson          NN1
                                                       Matthew Merrett                MY1

Sports Captains                         Grace Krstev                     MP3
                                                       Harry Manders                  BL3


Top Academic Students
The following students placed in the top five in their year for 2016 based on the Semester 2 reports. Well done to:

Emily Cugliari with an average score of 86.5%.

Emily Bojczuk with an average score of 87.1%.

Samantha Dickson with an average score of 89.4%.

Michaela Morris with an average score of 90.7%.

Chanel Venes with an average score of 91.3%.

Top Work Effort
The following students have been awarded commendations for their outstanding work effort in Semester 2 of 2016. The maximum effort points that were awarded was 40. Well done to these students:

38 points: Nikyah Baker, Emily Bojczuk, Samantha Dickson, Michaela Sloot and Ruby Taylor.

On 40 points and equal top were Emily Cugliari and Hannah Smajila.

Year 7 Camp
We look forward to Year 7 camp in Weeks four and five. A reminder that students need to come to school on the day of departure in their runners, house top and hat. Long hair must be tied up and students must have a water bottle. Please direct any questions to your Homeroom Leader.


Year 7 Family Night
Please put Thursday 9 March in your diaries as this is our Family Night. We invite you to attend the College to meet your child’s Homeroom Leader and House Leader. The evening runs from 5.30pm until 8pm with dinner provided before the official proceedings start at 6.15pm. Please note this is an evening for Year 7 students and their parents only.


PE Uniform
A reminder that students may wear their PE uniform to and from school on the days they have PE class.