Excellence Awards

Our first School Assembly for the year last Friday was an opportunity to congratulate our high achieving Year 12 graduates of 2016. Awards were presented for all 80+ and 90+ ATAR scores, as well as all 40+ study scores. Excellence Awards were also presented to Sahil Balak [College Dux with an ATAR of 99.1], Rebecca Payne [perfect 50/50 in Health & Human Development] and to Stephanie Logan [VCAL Dux]. Sahil spoke of the opportunities he was presented with at Salesian and the tremendous support shown by his teachers. His advice to the Year 12s of 2017 was:

“I think it’s important for the current year 12s to set a target for themselves, something that encapsulates success to them. To get the ATAR you want, get into a particular course, tafe or apprenticeship, get dux of a particular subject or even the entire school – it doesn’t need to be something you advertise, just something you keep in the back of your head and continue to develop throughout the year” [can we add a picture of Sahil in here, or perhaps all three Excellence recipients]

The full text of Sahil’s speech can be read here 

Sahil’s advice on how to turn potential into success by setting realistic goals was most timely. There are times when each of us fall into the trap of thinking that ‘near enough is good enough’ and are prepared to settle for second best. To achieve excellence and to realize their best, students must persevere and continue to set their sights high with the support of parents, teachers and friends. As we build upon our great start to the year, I encourage all students to strive to be their very best in everything they do throughout 2017.

As part of our assembly, we also took the opportunity to welcome all those new to the College – students & teachers alike – and to wish them well on their journey of learning and faith with us. We also unveiled our 90th Anniversary Flag which will fly proudly from the Mansion Tower throughout 2017.