International Immersion Program

My name is Emily Marshall and I am a current year 12 student. During the holidays for 6 and ½ weeks Bonita Headberry, Alex Saurini and  I and went away to Italy for an immersion program. We flew all the way to Venice airport..... Click here to read more


On the 6th of January at just past 12 in the morning I boarded for a journey to Japan. Sitting in my small plane seat I found myself unable to sleep for more than thirty minutes at a time, too excited for the days ahead to properly rest....Click here to read more


Over the summer holidays I participated in an exchange program alongside fellow student, Theresia, to Tokyo, Japan where we lived as students.....Click here to read more

Without a doubt this trip was one of the best experiences of my life, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to six cities in the six weeks that I was there. From shopping in Milan, climbing the....Click here to read more


Chelsea, Theresia, Archie and I went to Japan over the summer holidays, where we spent three weeks in and around Tokyo. We left in early January and arrived home just a couple of days ago......Click here to read more