The Careers team is excited to announce the opening of the brand new Careers Centre. This is located next to the canteen in the Amann Courtyard. We will be moving into the new space over the next few weeks and look forward to using the centre to showcase resources and upcoming events and provide one to one and small group counseling services.

The year 2017 will see the commencement of a formalised Careers Education curriculum, starting first with Year 10. This curriculum will become part of the Life Skills program. Students will learn about topics including Occupational Health and Safety, rights and responsibilities in the workplace, future labor market trends and career planning.

For the first time, all Year 10 students will undertake the Morrisby Online assessment. This is an internationally recognised career assessment tool used to help guide young people through the career decision making process.

Year 10 students also have the opportunity to undertake an optional work experience placement during terms two or three to further explore the world of work and potential career interest areas.

During term one, the Careers team will begin initial discussions with Year 12 students about their future pathways and begin planning for life beyond secondary school. As well as small group counselling, students will have the chance to listen to guest speakers from a range of areas including universities and TAFEs, employment and apprenticeship groups and Gap Year providers.