Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Well, suddenly we’re at the end of another year of learning, laughter and good company at Salesian. I extend my best wishes to all families for a safe and enjoyable holiday break, and know that our students will come back full again with all of the enthusiasm that they brought to 2016.

Semester Two Reports
Semester Two Reports will be sent home with students on their last day, next Wednesday 30 November. Along with the report will be a letter from the principal covering a number of important developments and changes for 2017, and I encourage all families to read this carefully. If you have any questions about the report itself, please direct your queries to the subject teacher in the first instance, or I am also very happy to help.

BOOST Enrichment Showcase
A very warm congratulations to all students who were involved in the BOOST Enrichment Showcase on Monday 21 November. These Year 7 and 8 students have been, in addition to all of their other studies and activities, working on designed and conducting a research project over the course of this semester. Their showcase on Monday night was a shining example of how capable even our youngest students can be when able to choose a topic of their own devising, and given some instruction about how to reason, question and research well.

Step Up Program
I have been hearing some very good reports from staff and students about their engagement in and enjoyment of the Step Up program. I thank students for their willingness to throw themselves back into new subjects and study so soon after the conclusion of their 2016 classes, and also for their patience as they wait for some of our new teachers joining the College in 2017. The program will put students in good stead for the beginning of 2017, and mean that they can hit the ground running on their return. 

Michael Horne
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching