Deputy Principal - Students

As a school year concludes, it is natural to look back and reflect on what has happened and how the year has gone.  Many of the events and conversations at Salesian College revolve around key elements of student wellbeing. These being:

  • positive self-regard
  •  respect for others
  •  positive relationships
  •  responsible behaviours
  • personal resilience

As we finish up 2016 I have been recalling many of the events that have happened throughout the Year and quite naturally reflect on these key elements. I would say that if students at Rupertswood had taken up some or all of the opportunities within the school and participated in school life doing justice to their own gifs and talents, then the year has been successful for those individuals. A note of admiration goes to those students who may have experienced some difficult challenges throughout the year, you have shown great resilience and have been able to bounce back and look for positives. Everyone involved in Student Wellbeing at the school not only thanks the students at the College for their presence and efforts, but we also acknowledge the parents in the community who support the endeavours of the school in its desire to be one that is  safe, welcoming and one where each student has the opportunity to flourish.

On Friday 2nd December the school community welcomed our Year 7 2017 cohort into the Savio Campus. I would hope that in 2022 when these young people graduate that they are proud of their endeavours and will have grown to understand and appreciate their gifts, their learning style and their strengths.  As a school we look forward to beginning this partnership with families. 2016 has seen the completion of 6 years of education for the 2016 Graduating class, for those young women and men we hope that the elements of student wellbeing have been integral in your experience and that you move on from formal education with faith in yourself to achieve happiness and fulfilment in life.  To the students who have departed Salesian at the end of this year, to move interstate, get an apprenticship, move to another school we wish them every success.   

Moving towards 2017:

We are always planning for the return of young of our students.  The following are a few areas for focus to 2017:

Stronger and seamless connection between wellbeing and learning

  • Continue to improve student voice
  • A proactive Pastoral Care Program that addresses issues facing adolescents
  • More consistent approach to student management through the Justice Policy
  • Clearer process within the Justice Policy in response to Bullying Behaviours
  • Building on the tradition Savio, Mazzarello and Bosco Campus identity within the whole school context
  • Building greater connection between Students within the campuses
  • A continued focus on Restorative Justice and respectful relationships

A few reminders for 2017:

School Photographs: Wednesday 8 February: Full Summer Uniform required with BLAZER- a reminder will be sent in the holidays- this will include information about how to order photographs.

New College uniform and expectations: this can read in detail through the brochure that comes home with the School Report.


In conclusion I wish to thank the staff at Salesian for a successful year. To families and students I look forward to working closely with you in 2017.  I look forward to seeing our connection with the Salesian Education flourish, as our College develops a deeper appreciation and understand of the legacy of St Don Bosco. We wish all students and families a relaxing and safe break.

Elaine Dugdale-Walker
Deputy Principal - Students