Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Step Up Program for 2017
Once again at the end of this year we will be running a full program of 2017 classes called Step Up. Step Up will run from Monday 21 November, until Wednesday 30 November inclusive. The aim of the program is to give students a head start on their 2017 classes, to learn their timetable, and meet their teachers. This program means that the end of year period is utilised for worthwhile learning activities, and that beginning of next year is smooth.

Students will not have their next textbooks or book-listed resources before Step Up; this is fine. Staff will be working on the premise that students will bring their device, and basic stationery to classes. Student timetables will be uploaded over the weekend preceding the beginning of the Step Up program, but should note that the first day of the program, Monday 21 November, will be the College awards morning as well as providing an opportunity for homeroom, year level and house assemblies, so that students can farewell their current homeroom teacher and, for some students, campus before moving into the 2017 timetable.

Booklist Queries
We have had a number of queries regarding two items on some of the booklists for 2017. These items are compulsory booklist items, and will form a substantial part of the learning resource provided at the respective year levels. They are purchased through the booklist, and will not be levied later to families. I provide further information below about each of these, and would be vey happy to answer any further questions you might have.

Maths Pathways
Maths Pathways is an online maths program which offers immediate feedback on student progress, and provides mathematical activities and exercises which are appropriate for the level which the student is at. We are using Maths Pathways in 2017 in Year 7, 8 and 9. The booklist charge for Maths Pathways is for year-long access, and replaces textbooks which may have previously been booklisted.  

Edrolo is an online video tutorial service which we tested with our 2016 Year 12 students. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with students reporting that they valued the site for revision and for attaining a deep understanding of each subject’s material. An Edrolo charge is not listed for every subject, as the site does not yet cover every VCE subject. Students will have access to the service for all subjects for which it is available, and therefore the total charge will vary between students dependant on their subject mix. Please select Edrolo for every subject where it is listed.

Year 7 and 8 BOOST Enrichment Showcase
All families are warmly invited to join us on Monday 21 November between 5 - 6pm in the Mansion drawing room for the Semester Two BOOST Enrichment Showcase. Students from the Year 7 and 8 BOOST Enrichment classes will be available to present and explain their research projects, which they have been working on over the course of this semester.  

I am very happy to speak to any parents or guardians who may have questions about: the program for Step Up, booklists, subjects and subject changes for 2017, or anything else regarding your child’s learning at the College.

Michael Horne
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching